Thomas Judd, Hartford Founder

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Compiled by Timothy Lester Jacobs, SDFH Genealogist

THOMAS1 JUDD, DEACON, HARTFORD FOUNDER was born abt. 1608 in England, and died 12 Nov 1688 in Northampton, MA. He married (1) ELIZABETH ______ abt. 1632. She was born in England, and died abt. 1678 in Farmington, CT. He married (2) CLEMENCE ______, WIDOW OF THOMAS MASON 12 Dec 1679 in Northampton, MA. She died 22 Nov 1696 in Northampton, MA.

The origin of Thomas Judd is unknown. He emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony by 1634, settling in Cambridge, where he was granted four acres in the West End on 4 August 1634. He was made freeman on 25 May 1636, but very soon thereafter removed to Hartford in 1636.

In the Hartford land inventory of February 1639/40 he held: two acres on which his dwelling house stood with other outhouses, yards and gardens located on the west side of the road from William Hills’s to the Oxpasture, on the south side of Founder George Wyllys’s estate; four acres and two roods in the South Meadow; another acre in the South Meadow; a parcel of unknown size in the Great Swamp; four acres on the east side of the Great River; another acre on the east side of the Great River; one rood and three perches in the Little Meadow; thirteen acres of upland; and thirteen acres lying beyond the Oxpasture.

He had removed to Farmington by 1647, from which town he was Deputy to the Connecticut General Court 1647 to 1652, 1657, 1664, 1666, 1668, 1670, and 1677. He was on the Connecticut petit jury in 1647 and 1651, and on the Grand Jury in 1662. In 1658 he was on a committee to “communicate the mind of the court to the Indians” regarding the Indians at Farmington.

On 13 March 1661/2, the Connecticut court granted to Anthony Howkins and Thomas Judd four hundred acres of land “betwixt them”. In May of 1679 he deeded his properties to his son William, and removed to Northampton, Massachusetts, where he died 12 November 1688.

Recommended Genealogy: “Thomas Judd and His Descendants”, Sylvester Judd, Northampton, MA, 1856 (Robert Charles Anderson, in the “Great Migration” article on Thomas Judd refers to this genealogy as “comprehensive”, and that Sylvester Judd’s “work was consistently excellent and this volume is one of the best genealogies published at this formative period for genealogical scholarship”.

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