Henry Hayward, Hartford Founder

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Compiled by Timothy Lester Jacobs, SDFH Genealogist

HENRY1 HAYWARD, HARTFORD FOUNDER was born abt. 1627 in England, and died bef. 24 Mar 1708/09 in Hartford, CT (inventory). He married SARAH STONE 28 Sep 1648 in Hartford, CT, daughter of HARTFORD FOUNDER JOHN STONE and _______ ROGERS. She was born bef. 03 Apr 1625 in Hertford, Hertfordshire, England, and died aft. 04 Dec 1716 in Hartford, CT (listed as alive in husband’s probate).

Henry Hayward was listed on the “Francis” passenger list in 1634 with John and Mary Barnard, he then aged 7, and was probably Founder John Barnard’s servant or apprentice. (Barnard was a maltster.) Henty Hayward first lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, then removed to Hartford in 1636, later to Wethersfield in 1649, and returned to Hartford in1663. He is cited in John Barnard’s will as “kinsman Henry Hayward of Wethersfield”. John Barnard owned land in Wethersfield. Henry Hayward is called “my cousin” in Mary Barnard’s will. He was probably in Hartford since 1636 in the household of John Barnard, then later in Wethersfield on John Barnard’s property. Hayward is listed in “The Original Proprietors” as a “later settler” in 1663, but this listing is probably due to the fact that on he was living with John Barnard, then on 27 September 1663 John Barnard sold to Henry Hayward “all and whatsoever house or houses, malthouse or malthouses, land or lands, barn or barns, outhouses, orchard or orchards, garden or gardens, yard or yards, fence or fences with all tenements, hereditaments & every part or parcel thereof belonging and appertaining thereunto which is now to him belong, situate, lying & being in the bounds of the town Hartford”. Henry Hayward, then, probably carried on the occupation of maltster.

He was on the Connecticut petit jury in 1655, 1657, and 1660. He was Wethersfield Constable in 1656. He was Hartford highway surveyor in 1668; Selectman in 1671 and 1696; and was voted Constable in 1675, but refused to serve. He was Constable again in 1683, and in 1690 (which latter date he also refused to serve).

His will was dated 20 January 1707/8, with codicil dated 12 March 1708/9, his inventory was taken in March 1708/9, and his will was proved 04 April 1709.

Genealogy: none known

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