Blaynch Hunt, Hartford Founder

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Compiled by Timothy Lester Jacobs, SDFH Genealogist

BLAYNCH1 HUNT, HARTFORD FOUNDER was born in England, and died bef. 20 Sep 1644 in Hartford, CT unm. (probate).

Blaynch Hunt was apparently the daughter of a sister of Thomas Welles.

The following is from “The History of the Welles Family in England”

Account of Blaynch Hunt, a maiden lady, who settled in Hartford, CT., from the time of its settlement in 1636, to her death in 1640.

She was a housekeeper, and to relieve her solitude invited her cousins, Mary Robbins and Mary Belding, to live with her. She was an amiable, kind-hearted lady, as proven by her very brief will, and in good circumstances for the times in which he lived.

She must have also been of good family as Governor Thomas Welles married her father’s sister in England for his first wife, and it is a little remarkable that the only clue furnished in histories or records, either public or private, to the maiden name of the first wife of Governor Welles, is given in will of Miss Hunt. She appointed her uncle, Governor Welles, her executor; and as no mention is made father or mother, brother or sister, she was very probably an orphan, or voluntary exile from England, with no nearer relations here than cousins, and they must have been very numerous, as she was connected with the families of Welles, Robins, and Belding.

It should be noted that Manwaring’s Digest of Probate Records has her of Wethersfield. The original will has no town associated with it, and the will itself is in the “Hartford Record of Wills”, Vol. 1, pg. 54.

Her inventory was taken 20 September 1644.

Genealogy: none

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