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The Founders of Hartford

Rev. Thomas Hooker, b. at Marfield, Co. Leicester, 1586 ; son of Thomas Hooker or Hoker, of Marfield, in the parish of Tilton, grandson of Kenelm Hooker, of Blaston, who was the only son of Thomas Hooker or Hoker of Blaston. Co. Leicester, whose will, dated Sept. 2, 1559, was proved Jan. 27, 1561-2 by Cecelia Hooker, his relict and executrix. It is supposed that this Thomas Hooker held some Stewardship, or like office, under the Digby family, who possessed estates in that part of Leicestershire. †Kenellime Digby,” Esq., is a witness, and named as “supervisor” of the will, and the son Kenelm, or Kenellyme, Hooker undoubtedly received his name from Kenelm Digby, who was the grandfather of Sir Everard Digby, executed in 1606 for his complicity in the “gunpowder-plot,” and great grandfather of the learned Sir Kenelm Digby. Thomas Hooker, father of the Rev. Thomas Hooker, occupied in 1586 land in Frisbye and Gaddes by, Co. Leicester. The parish register of Tilton records the burial o1 “Thomas Hooker, of Marfield, July 24, 1635,” and administration on his estate was granted to his eldest son, John Hooker, in the Archdeacon's Court at Leicester, Jan. 11, 1636-7, and he is there described as “Thomas Hooker of Marefield, in the parish of Tilton, gentleman.” Tile Tilton Register under date of April, 1631, gives the burial of Mrs. Hooker, wife to Mr. Hooker of Marfield; probably the wife of Thomas. Rev. Thomas Hooker married in England; and the only clew to his wife's family is obtained from a little book called “Trodden down Strength by the God of Strength ; or, Mrs. Drake revived.” Thus Mrs. Joan Drake, wife of Francis Drake, Esq., was a daughter of William Tothill, Esq., of Shardeloes, one of the six clerks in Chancery. She lived at Esher, in Surrey and Mr. Hooker received, about 1620, from her husband, the cure of Esher, “having his diet and lodging” in Mr. Drake's house. Here lie married Mrs. Drake's “waiting-gentlewoman,” Susan1, who, according to the custom of the times, was probably a relative of the family. Francis Drake, of Esher, bequeaths in his will, May 13, 1633-4, f30 to Johanna Hooker, “now in New England, to be paid to her on the day of her marriage.” Mr. Hooker was an original proprietor of Hartford, and his homelot was on the highway on the north bank of the little River, now Arch St. ; Samuel Stone, the teacher, and William Goodwin, the ruling elder, having lots between his and file Main St. Mr. Hooker's children were : i. Johanna; m. Rev. Thomas Shepard, of Cambridge; (died April 28, 1646. ii. Mary, m. Rev. Roger Newton, the first minister at Farmington, afterward of Milford ; died Feb. 4, 1676, at Milford. iii. Anne, “dau. of Thomas Hooker, clerk, and Susan his wife;” bapt.at Great Beddow, Essex, Jan. 5, 1626. iv. Sarah, bapt. at Chelmsford, Essex, April 9, 1628; buried there Aug. 26, 1629. v. John, under age at the time of his father's death, 1647 ; in his father's will he was “not forbidden from seeking and taking a wife in England,” but he “was forbidden from tarrying there.” He is mentioned in the will of his uncle, John Hooker, Esq., of Marfield, gentleman, in 1655, as a student at Oxford. In 1660 he became vicar of Marsworth, in Buckinghamshire, and in 1669 lie was presented by Sir Edward Pye, Bart., to be rector of Lechampsted, in the same county. He died is 1684; buried at Marsworth. vi. Samuel, grad. Harvard Coll., 1653 ; Ire preached at Plymouth, Mass., for a time, and m. there, Sept. 22, 1658, Mary, dau. of Capt. Thomas Willet, afterward first mayor of tire City of New York. He was ordained at Farmington, July, 1661 ; he was appointed one of a committee of four persons to go to New Haven and arrange for an amicable union of the two colonies, in 1662. he died at Farmington, Nov. 5 or 6, 1697 ; his widow m. (2) Aug. 10, 1703, Rev. Thomas Buckingham, of Saybrook. vii. Sarah, m. Rev. John Wilson, of Medfield, Mass. He had a numerous family, and is the ancestor of all of the Dame in Hartford County.

1 Hooker, Thomas (?1586-1647) (called “uncle” by Leonard Chester 1648) & Susan/Susanna Garbrand, m/2 William Goodwin, m/3 John Shepard; Amersham, Bucks, Eng., 3 Apr 1621; Hartford. See: Torrey, Clarence Almon, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, (Baltimore, MD, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1990), p. 386.

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